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Business Travel

The business travel health specialists

As a responsible employer, you want to look after your staff when they're working abroad.  However, sending employees overseas presents health challenges that can put any business under pressure. Our travel clinics can help you to protect your staff and your business by ensuring health and safety guidelines are met.

Occupational Health

Occupational tests and vaccinations

We offer a specialist occupational vaccination service, including Hepatitis B, Mantoux tests and BCGs and MMR.  We carry out pre-employment serological tests and screening for visa applications.

We offer a winter flu vaccination service to employers, and can arrange flu vaccination at your place of work.

Leisure Travel

Protecting your health abroad

We are a centre of excellence, providing a private pre-travel advice, holiday vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis service to the travelling public.

Pre-travel planning is not solely about vaccines, injections and tablets. Advice regarding everyday precautions and country-specific recommendations will be given during a travel health consultation to minimise health risks associated with travel.

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