Post Exposure Rabies

Have you been exposed to Rabies?

If you have travelled outside the U.K and have been bitten, scratched or licked over broken skin or on the face by a mammal, you should:

  • Immediately and thoroughly wash the area for 15 minutes using soap & water/detergent or povidone-iodine
  • Gather as much information about the animal as possible
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible ideally within 24 hours as you will require further vaccination, even if you have had a complete course of vaccine prior to travelling

All travellers with a possible exposure to rabies should discuss their situation with a health care professional.  

You should contact your GP or urgent care service and explain the details of your exposure and provide information about any treatment you have received abroad. Your health care professional will contact the dedicated rabies team at UKHSA (formerly known as Public Health England) on Telephone 0330 128 1020. Out of hours duty doctor Telephone 0208 200 400 

For the South and London areas contact The HTD - Emergency Walk-In Clinic

If you live in Wales call Public Health Wales Telephone 0300 003 0032. Out of hours duty virologist Cardiff 0292 074 2094 or 0292 074 7747

You can get more information from Public Health England on Post Exposure Rabies.

Well Travelled Clinic is here to offer you advice.  We offer the post exposure service only if you are unable to access the service through the contacts above.