Medical Elective

Well Travelled Clinics offers a specialist service to medical students who wish to do their elective placement overseas. Medical students needs to complete a risk assessment for their proposed elective. It is important that you try to determine your health risks while abroad and the vaccines and malaria prophylaxis you may require. To assist you, please visit this website:

Travel Health Pro

You will be charged £25 per person for your initial consultation, but you will receive a discount off vaccines,  malaria tablets and retail products.  you may need to book a further appointment to receive your vaccinations.

It is important to bring with you to your appointment the following items:

Your completed Risk Assessment Form (example link on this page)

This should include:

Vaccine Preventable Risks

  • Non-Vaccine Preventable Risk
  • Occupational Risks
  • General Travel Risks
  • Safety and Security

Details of vaccinations you have received before (Green Health Passport)

A list of any medication you may be on

You need to have had your initial consultation before the Faculty deadline to to ensure you are able to be seen before this date.  Please come in as soon as you can. Please book an appointment at either Liverpool or Chester. Please remember to inform reception that you are an elective student to ensure that you are registered for applicable discounts.

Please Note: Well  Travelled Clinics will accommodate students as best we can, please do not wait until last minute to book as we may not have availability