Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and answers which we hope you will find useful.

How do I contact the Travel Clinics?

Liverpool Branch

Well Travelled Clinics
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Pembroke Place
L3 5QA

Chester Branch

Well Travelled Clinics
10 Watergate Row North

Telephone: 0151 705 3223 for appointments and enquiries

Email: tropshop [at] LSTmed [dot] ac [dot] uk

What are the opening hours of the clinics?

Liverpool Branch

Drop in service is available  Monday to Friday, 8:45am – 11:30am. You can walk in between these times and wait to be seen.

Please note:

-Upon occasion we reserve the right to close the drop-in clinic early should demand for the service be excessive.
-We are closed for Bank Holidays.

Appointments are available in the afternoon Monday- Friday 14:00- 15:40

Saturday 9am to 1pm

Chester Branch 

Thursday AND Friday 9am to 15:40


Where is the nearest car park?

LIVERPOOL - The nearest car park is the Liverpool University Visitors Car Park, which is located in Brownlow Street between the Foresight Centre and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

The city council run pay and display off-street car parks at Craven Street behind the old T.J Hughes store. There are four small car parks at this location, which offer relatively close access to the travel clinic by walking through to London Road, then up to the clinic in Pembroke Place. There are two other city council car parks near to London Road at Kempston Street and Finch Place.

Parking is also available at the Q-Park situated opposite the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in Prescot Street.

There are also quite a number of on-street pay and display spaces in the side streets in the area around London Road and Pembroke Place.

CHESTER - The nearest car park is situated near to The Crowne Plaza Hotel/St Martins Way. On leaving the car park turn right and walk past The Guildhall, on your right, at the end of the lane turn left into Watergate Street and continue walking towards The Cross, the clinic is situated at row level above the “Phase Eight” Women’s Clothing shop

What are the charges?

Please refer to our price list. 

How soon before travelling do I need to visit the clinic?

For overseas travel that will last more than a month it is best to visit the travel clinic at least 4-5 weeks before travelling. (This is because some vaccine courses take four weeks to complete). For shorter trips visit at least 2 - 3 weeks before travelling. However it's worth getting seen even on the day before you travel if necessary, in order to try to reduce your risk of catching infectious diseases whilst abroad.

What vaccines do I need for my trip?

Because advice varies so much we recommend that you come in to talk to one of our travel health advisors who will be able to give you individually-tailored advice and information. Recommendations on which vaccines/malaria tablets may be required and the health advice given will vary considerably depending on:

  • The countries you are visiting
  • The type of travel (e.g. tourist, back-packing, remote destinations)
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Medical history
  • Your type of accommodation
  • Whether you are undertaking any high risk activities whilst on holiday
  • Whether you will be living or working abroad.
  • The travel health risks at your chosen destination
  • The vaccines recommended for your trip
  • Whether malaria is a problem where you are going and what tablets you need to take
  • The challenges of travelling with children, whilst pregnant or with pre-existing health problems


I have lost my Yellow Fever Certificate what should I do?

If you received your vaccination from Well Travelled Clinic, we can issue a replacement certificate. The charge for duplicate certificates is £15.00.

If you have lost your yellow fever certificate and you had your yellow fever vaccine somewhere else within the UK, we can still issue you with a new certificate if you have all the information relating to the original vaccine on a clinic letterhead or formal documentation from where you originally received the vaccine. The charge for this is £15 for the certificate plus £20 administration fee which totals £35.

When requesting a duplicate certificate issued by Well Travelled Clinic, please provide the following:

  • Year of your last visit to the travel clinic
  • Year of vaccination
  • Destination at that time
  • Full name at that time
  • Address at that time
  • Present address
  • DoB

Contact number 0151 705 3223 option 4 to call for payment by card of £15 / £35 

Will I receive a vaccination certificate?

Yes, you will be issued with a vaccination booklet which will contain certificates for appropriate vaccinations.